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Discover Bonaire!

The Discover Bonaire program, based at Bonaire Dive & Adventure, offers visitors to Bonaire the opportunity and means to explore the island's multifaceted natural treasures, both above and below water.

We offer:

Discover Bonaire / Island Explorer Package
Nature tours
Cave exploration
Mountain biking
Guided snorkeling

Trained naturalists are available to take you on guided tours of the island's numerous ecosystems, utilizing kayaks, mountain bikes, dive boats, air-conditioned vans, and even on foot. From the deepest reefs to the summit of Brandaris, Bonaire's tallest peak, the Discover Bonaire team can take you where you want to go.

For travelers who prefer to go it alone, our fleet of sea kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, and mountain bikes are also available for rent.

Bonaire's unique location off the Venezuelan coast attracts migratory birds in transit between North and South America. Bird watchers can also observe various species only found in this part of the Caribbean, such as the yellow-shouldered parrot. Bonaire officially has over 200 species of birds that have been sighted here. Join one of our Nature Tours with resident expert Jerry Ligon.

Discover Bonaire also offers the Island Explorer Package. This is a five-day program that is ideal for families, couples, or individuals who wish to participate in the diverse activities and learning experiences that are available on Bonaire.

"The guided cave tour was one of the highlights of this visit to Bonaire. The rock formations were spectacular and swimming in one of the cave's fresh water was a unique experience. We recommend a little time off from diving for the other adventures."

Laura Salwen and Joe Colern - February 2008

Come Discover Bonaire with us!

Osprey on Bonaire

Discover Bonaire / Island Explorer Package

The Island Explorer Package is a 5-day program that is perfect for families, couples, or individuals who wish to experience not only the plant and animal life, but also the history and culture of the beautiful island of Bonaire.

You may choose any 5 activities from the following Island Explorer Adventures, to complete your package:

Mangrove Kayaking - With a naturalist as your guide, explore the inlets and secret passageways of Lac Bay's mangrove forest, a vital habitat for many species of fish and other marine life. While gliding through the calm waters of this unique ecosystem, observe "upside down" jelly fish, soaring frigate birds, and dive bombing pelicans.

Nature Tour - Bonaire is famous for it's many species of birds. Take a natural history ramble along a hiking path with Jerry Ligon, biologist and ornithologist. See Bonaire's 200 plus species of birds, many which are never spotted by the causal observer.

Mountain Biking - Get off the beaten path and enjoy some of Bonaire's most superb vistas. Your guide will tell you about the local history, flora and fauna along the way. An optional challenging tour thru Washington-Slagbaai National Park is also available.

Cave Exploration - With our expert as your guide, take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore the many cave systems on Bonaire. These are ancient wonders, some with lakes and tunnels and beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. You can even snorkel in the crystal clear underground lakes.

Island Tour - This is a wonderful way to learn about the history and culture of Bonaire. You will visit Rincon, the oldest village on the island; view the ancient Indian inscriptions, take in beautiful vistas of the entire island and the Caribbean Sea. Flamingo sightings are guaranteed. Also included is a visit and explanation of the current salt works, and it's 200-year history. Flamingo sightings are guaranteed.

Price: see price list.

For additional information:
Phone & Fax: International: (011) 599-717-2227
On Bonaire - Phone/fax: 717-2227; Phone only: 717-2229

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Nature toursJerry Ligon (r) and birdwatchers

Our Nature Tour, led by local naturalist Jerry Ligon, is a delightful excursion into the countryside of Bonaire where you will be introduced to the flora and fauna of the island. Bird-watchers can observe over two hundred species of birds, including the endangered yellow-shouldered parrot and the Caribbean flamingo. Learn about the interplay of local culture and natural history involved with such species as the aloe plant and the poisonous castor bean. Discover why Bonaire is a nature lover's paradise above as well as below the water.

Nature Tours are available on Friday (and by request).

Price: see price list.

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Birding trips, led by our staff naturalist Jerry Ligon, can be arranged by calling the diveshop at 717-2229. Arrangements to be picked up and dropped off afterward can be made when you call. If you are staying within walking distance from Bonaire Dive and Adventure Dive shop, please meet at 7am. We will be starting at 7am and finish at 12-12:30. Price: $ 52,50. Binoculars can be rented from Chat 'n Browse, which is located next to Lover's Ice Cream.

Click here to download/view the most recent Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Bonaire.

Click here for pictures of some of our birds.

Price: see price list.

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Whether it's kayaking in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea or exploring the secluded passageways of the Lac Bay mangroves, Bonaire's ecological diversity, above water and below, offers something special to each and every kayak adventurer. To ensure that your kayak adventure is a true voyage of personal discovery, we offer programs that range from novice to the highly challenging.

A wide variety of kayak routes are available.

Sit-On-Top Kayaks

For paddlers interested in a kayak offering exceptional stability, nothing beats a sit-on-top kayak. The open cockpit design allows even the inexperienced paddler to enter and exit from the shore, dock, or water with ease. Sit-on-top kayaks are very easy to use and very forgiving. There are no Eskimo rolls or wet exits - so paddle away! Enjoy the easy exploration of the coastline and secluded beaches of Bonaire's northern shores, or the inlets and secret passageways of the Lac Bay mangroves, where bird life and fish life vie for your attention! The sit on-top kayaks offer a program for every member of the family.

Participants over the age of 12 are welcome for all programs that do not involve diving, whereas children under 12 are welcome at the instructors discretion. The minimum age for all kayak dive programs is 15 years.

Sit-on-top Models: Ocean Kayaks: Scrambler XT, Drifter, Aegean

Price: see price list.

Sit-On-Top Kayak Programs

For divers who have a Kayak Diver Specialty Certification, our coastline is open! Our Kayak Dive Instructors will help you select the dive sites best suited for your independent exploration based on your experience level, entry access, and weather conditions.
*Includes: kayak only based on hourly rates. Tanks and scuba equipment not included.

GUIDED 1/2 DAY KAYAK TRIPKayaking at Lac on Bonaire

Explore the mangroves of Lac Bay on the windward side of the island, as your guide leads you through passages that weave through canopied waterways that serve as a breeding ground for both marine and bird life. Glide past herons, pelicans and egrets, and scan the waters for infant barracuda and upside-down jellyfish. Or move your adventure to the equally tranquil environments on the leeward side of the island that offer unique vistas of the coastline and access to areas often inaccessible by road. Trip routes will be tailored to match the skill level of the participants, as well as the weather conditions.
*Includes: kayak, guide and transportation.


GUIDED 1/2 DAY KAYAK/SNORKELSnorkeling by boat or directly from the shore

The ideal combination on an active morning or afternoon of kayaking, is the chance to refresh yourself in the water while getting better acquainted with the wide variety of reef fish on Bonaire. The kayak and snorkel trip includes practical instruction on kayaking and kayak snorkeling, as well as an introduction to fish identification. Trip routes will be tailored to match the skill level of the participants, as well as the weather conditions. *Includes: kayak, guide end transportation. Snorkel equipment not included.

Price: see price list.

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Cave explorationCave Exploration Bonaire

Did you know there are over 200 caves on Bonaire? Exploring those caves is one of the most adventurous activities that we offer at Bonaire Dive and Adventure. The caves are pristine ancient wonders, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and some with lakes and tunnels. You can even snorkel in the crystal clear underground lakes.

The cave systems are not accommodated with railings, paved paths or lights. It is a bit of a challenge to explore them: the only light is the one you carry, bats are flying around, and you will have to climb a little. But our guide is there to help you. Bring sturdy shoes, no flip flops. Its fun!

Price: see price list.

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Mountain biking


A perfect way to see Bonaire on our 24-speed Trek mountain- or tourbike.. See miles of unspoiled beauty, 200 species of birds, plants and birds, breathtaking vistas overlooking Caribbean. There are over 300 kilometers of unpaved roads, and many more paved roads to explore. Trail maps are available for those wanting to venture out on their own. Stop to snorkel, eat in the charming town of Rincon or picnic on the windward side of the island. A perfect way to spend a day - or more.

All rentals include water bottles, lock, helmet, repair and first aid kits. Bicycles are available in sizes 16", 18", 19.5", and 21" frames. Credit card deposit is required.

Prices: see price list.


Join an experienced guide on-or off road along the beautiful coastal road to Rincon, Goto Lake and/or the inland dirt roads in the hills around Rincon. For the more experienced mountain biker we offer a tour on the adventurous dirt roads in the Washington Slagbaai Park. Guided excursions include refreshments, escort vehicle, and nature interpretation.

Prices: see price list.

Mountainbiking through the cactusses Bikers at a natural pond

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Guided snorkeling

This program is designed to give the participant a more in-depth look at the marine life inhabiting the reefs of Bonaire. A computer presentation covering the more common reef creatures is followed by a guided snorkel trip with one of our underwater naturalists. Subsequent snorkeling trips have varying destinations, including sites on Klein Bonaire. Visit the reef at night and learn about nocturnal creatures. Snorkel in the mangroves for a dramatic change of ecosystems. We also offer guided snorkeling trips from kayaks. This is truly an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Prices: see price list

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