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Osprey on Bonaire


Whether it's kayaking in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea or exploring the secluded passageways of the Lac Bay mangroves, Bonaire's ecological diversity, above water and below, offers something special to each and every kayak adventurer. To ensure that your kayak adventure is a true voyage of personal discovery, we offer programs that range from novice to the highly challenging.

Sit-On-Top Kayaks

For paddlers interested in a kayak offering exceptional stability, nothing beats a sit-on-top kayak. The open cockpit design allows even the inexperienced paddler to enter and exit from the shore, dock, or water with ease. Sit-on-top kayaks are very easy to use and very forgiving. There are no Eskimo rolls or wet exits - so paddle away! Enjoy the easy exploration of the coastline and secluded beaches of Bonaire's northern shores, or the inlets and secret passageways of the Lac Bay mangroves, where bird life and fish life vie for your attention! The sit on-top kayaks offer a program for every member of the family.

Participants over the age of 12 are welcome for all programs that do not involve diving, whereas children under 12 are welcome at the instructors discretion. The minimum age for all kayak dive programs is 15 years.

Sit-on-top Models: Ocean Kayaks: Scrambler XT, Drifter, Aegean

Price: see price list.

Cave explorationCave Exploration Bonaire

Did you know there are over 200 caves on Bonaire? Exploring those caves is one of the most adventurous activities that we offer at Bonaire Dive and Adventure. The caves are pristine ancient wonders, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and some with lakes and tunnels. You can even snorkel in the crystal clear underground lakes.

The cave systems are not accommodated with railings, paved paths or lights. It is a bit of a challenge to explore them: the only light is the one you carry, bats are flying around, and you will have to climb a little. But our guide is there to help you. Bring sturdy shoes, no flip flops. It's fun!

Price: see price list.

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Mountain biking


A perfect way to see Bonaire on our 24-speed Trek mountain- or tourbike. See miles of unspoiled beauty, 200 species of birds, plants and birds, breathtaking vistas overlooking Caribbean. There are over 300 kilometers of unpaved roads, and many more paved roads to explore. Trail maps are available. Stop to snorkel, eat in the charming town of Rincon or picnic on the windward side of the island. A perfect way to spend a day - or more.

All rentals include water bottles, lock, helmet, repair and first aid kits. Bicycles are available in sizes 16", 18", 19.5", and 21" frames. Credit card deposit is required.

Prices: see price list.

Mountainbiking through the cactusses Bikers at a natural pond

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